• LENISNA is a hybrid product of PLA (Poly L-lactide) microparticles, a biodegradable polymer, and sodium hyaluronate.

• LENISNA is a product that combines the advantages of PLA and HA fillers and compensates for the disadvantages.

• LENISNA is composed of small particles of PLA and HA, so there is no angioedema, a side effect of HA filler.

• LENISNA has an excellent effect in promoting collagen regeneration in the dermal layer, regenerating damaged skin tissue and creating a natural volume effect.




• Volume : 200mg/vial (170mg PLA + 30mg HA)

• PLA particle : 50~60 µm

• Cannula Size : 25-27G


JUVELOOK Introduction (PLA+ HA Collagen Booster)


• JUVELOOK is a hybrid product of PDLA (Poly D-lactide) microparticles, a biodegradable polymer, and sodium hyaluronate.

• JUVELOOK is composed with HA and PDLA which is smaller particle size than PLLA, so there are no side effect.

• JUVELOOK is injected shallower than the dermal layer to remove scars and scars on the skin surface and improve skin tone and pores

• JUVELOOK improves skin more reliably and effectively than general HA procedures.




• Volume : 50mg/vial (42.4mg PLA + 7.5mg HA)

• PLA particle : 10~40 ㎛

• Cannula Size : 30-31G


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